About Shelter Alliance

Shelter Alliance is a program of GRC Wireless (www.grcwireless.com), a Medley, Florida company dedicated exclusively to socially responsible cell phone recycling. With thousands of active participants in 50 states, Canada, and Puerto Rico, Shelter Alliance is now the largest cell phone recycling program in the United States. Our participants have earned over $15 million since 2001.

When we began our mission in 2001, we discovered that cell phone “fundraising” revenue was primarily funneled to national nonprofits, often leaving local organizations without their due share. Additionally, we found that large surpluses of phones often resulted from “911 emergency phone collections,” leaving social service organizations with offices full of phones and no responsible recycling solution. Shelter Alliance was established to offer local community organizations a viable, profitable fundraising option. Years later, we still hold true to our “founding principles”: accountability, individualized attention to each participant, and responsiveness.

Shelter Alliance offers collection programs for organizations, cell phone donation programs for businesses and individuals, and a unique community service program for students. To learn more, please e-mail us at info@shelteralliance.net. Thank you very much for visiting www.shelteralliance.net.